Top: SheIn // Pants: Target (similar) // Shoes: Life Stride // Bag: H&M (similar) // Sunglasses: Target (similar)

OMG it has been way too long!  I am so sorry guys!  Things have been a little crazy since graduating from college and I needed to take a little blogging hiatus if you know what I mean.  Sometimes you just need to put a pause on everything and take a step back.  That being said, I have missed this so much and can’t wait to get back into making new and (hopefully better) posts for you all!

This top has been my obsession all summer.  I have worn it an embarrassing number of times and I honestly have to say the quality really is there on this piece.  After washing (and admittedly putting it in the dryer several times) it still looks brand new and fits perfectly!

Thanks again to all of you who have been patient the last few months and stuck around!  You guys are the best and I can’t wait for all the changes that are coming to in the next few months.  A new site makeover perhaps??  Stay tuned!



fall-transition-fashionpolka-dotsred lips and polka dotsfall-fashion

Midi skirt: H&M (similar) // Top: H&M (similar) // Shoes: ALDO // Necklace: H&M (alternative) // Sunglasses: Target // Purse: Target (alternative) // Lipstick: NYX “Perfect Red” (my favorite!)

Hi friends!  Who’s ready for pumpkin spice lattes and apple picking??  I’m trying not to rush it, but I can’t help but feel so excited for everything fall!  When I’m trying to transition my wardrobe I like to take summer tops and pair them with big midi skirts for the perfect almost-fall-weather combo.  You can also add a jacket if it starts to get chilly early in the season.


Nicole ♡

Diptyque candle DIY
Printing stickers
Diptyque stickers
Diptyque candles

Hi everyone!  So before I begin this tutorial, I just wanted to mention that this idea originated from blogger/YouTuber Hello Maphie, and I am just recreating the DIY for my readers.  She is incredibly talented and creative, and although there are plenty of DIYs on the internet that no one really knows who did it first, this is not one of them.  She is definitely the brains behind this one, so be sure to visit her channel HERE if you get the chance! (:

Let’s get into it!  It’s pretty likely that you’ve seen Diptyque candles before.  Diptyque is a Paris-based company that produces a line of scented candles, perfumes and face/body care.  For years, the candles have been particularly popular, popping up allover Tumblr and Instagram.  When the candle burns out, people like to use the empty votive holder to store q-tips, makeup brushes, lipsticks, etc.  I loved the way these holders looked on top of vanities and coffee tables, but unfortunately, the price tag was a little out of my budget.  So, I decided to DIY one instead!  Here’s how:

You will need:

○ Candle votives (I found mine at a thrift store, but Michael’s and Ikea have some as well) 

White sticker paper

○ A printer

For me the most difficult item to pick out was a votive holder because there are so many different shapes and sizes to choose from.  Once you have your holder, find a few pictures of different Diptyque candles on Google Images.  Only select the most clear and crisp looking ones.  I copied the images into Microsoft Word and then printed them out on the sticker paper. You then cut the stickers out individually and stick them to your votive.  That’s it!

Thank you for reading and I would love to see some of your recreations!


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white romper
the shopping bag
nordstrom romper
lifestride heels

Romper: Nordstrom (similar) (similar) // Necklace: The Shopping Bag (25% off your order with code: THEINSPIRATIONCLOSET) (cute alternative here) (and here) // Shoes: LifeStride // Water Bottle: Victoria’s Secret (alternative)

When this romper arrived in the mail, the first thought that came to my mind was that this looks like one of those cute all white tennis outfits.  Between the mesh in the center and the silhouette of the bottoms, I was instantly inspired.  Is it just me or do you guys think that evening wear is starting to incorporate some sporty vibes?  To get you inspired, we went for something dramatic and photographed in one of the most sporty locations possible, while keeping a very girly vibe for those who are looking to dress up, but still rock the trend (hence the heels).  I’m a total girly girl, so this is how I would rock the sporty trend in evening wear.  How would you wear sporty chic?

Also, you guys can get 25% of your order from The Shopping Bag with the code: THEINSPIRATIONCLOSET !  This necklace is already on sale, so with the code you’ll get it for really marked down! (:

Thanks for reading!


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21st birthday
21st birthday 3
Pearls and Dress
final image 1 21st birthday
21 balloons
drunk barbie birthday cake

Dress: New York & Company // Shoes: LifeStride // Pearl Necklace: Vintage (similar)  // Bracelets: unknown (similar) (similar) // Balloons: Glam Fete 

Yesterday was my 21st birthday!  Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday!  I was overwhelmed by all the sweet comments.  I spent the night out to dinner with my family and my boyfriend, Craig where I ordered my first legal drink!  It was a Caribbean Cooler from the Cheesecake Factory and it was really good!  We then headed home where we had the amazing Barbie cake pictured above that was made by my best friend, Allie.  She goes to school for Baking & Pastry and she’s incredibly talented!  See more of her work HERE!  I didn’t really celebrate with my friends yesterday, so we’re going to get together this saturday instead.  We’re going roller skating and then out for drinks and I can’t wait!

Here are 21 things that i’ve learned by 21!

1.) I’d rather have five amazing best friends, than 500 just sorta okay friends.

2.) The older you get, the faster time flies ( UGH SLOW DOWN TIME).

3.) You don’t have to have EVERYTHING already figured out.

4.) Going to bed early is suddenly so much cooler than it used to be.

5.) If you don’t do dishes or laundry, you won’t have dishes or laundry.

6.) The qualities you look for in a partner will change (probably for the better).

7.) Investing in good quality clothing and accessories is important.

8.) Unless you want to solely eat cereal you need to have some cooking skills.

9.) It’s okay to make mistakes.

10.) It’s okay to let go of people who aren’t making you feel happy.

11.) Put the most effort into things that you’re passionate about.

12.) Surround yourself with positive people and you will feel positive.

13.) Radiating confidence is the most beautiful thing you can do.

14.) Be with someone who loves you for you.

15.) If you have to chase somebody, they probably aren’t worth chasing.

16.) Your parents were right about a lot.

17.) You are incredibly embarrassed of your teenage self…but so is everyone!

18.) College is a lot of work, but it’s so worth it.

19.) Love yourself before you love someone else.

20.) Spread the kindness you wish to receive.

21.) Do things that make you happy every single day!

Thanks for reading! (:


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