Whether you do just one, or many of these good holiday deeds, giving back is essential to not only help someone in need, but also to create a ripple effect and inspire others to take action as well.  After you’ve done something on this list, help to pass it on by pinning or tweeting this link so that someone else can get inspired to give back this holiday season too.

1.)  Help a U.S. teen go to college. For every $1 donated to, $5 will go toward a full scholarship for a standout student.  

2.) Give aid to a struggling hospital. Donating $10 to sends $400 worth of medical supplies to doctors globally.  

3.) Feed a family. $25 to provides a whole month’s worth of meals for a family of three.

4.) Gift a toy to a child in need. Toys for Tots has locations in every state where toys can be dropped off for children in need.

5.) Help fight cervical cancer. 85 percent of deaths occur in places where women lack early screenings.  A donation of $10 to covers the cost of a lifesaving test for someone.

6.) Give the gift of clean water.  The organization, Give Clean Water, helps to provide the people of Fiji with sustainable, clean drinking water.

7.) Donate your best skills. uses your expertise for a cause that needs it.

8.) Fight pancreatic cancer. 100% of all donations go toward pancreatic research if you donate to

9.) Donate clothes to the Salvation Army.

10.) Prevent AIDS. A donation of $50 to treats a mother for six months and protects her baby.

11.) Bring a box of toys to a local children’s hospital.

12.) Write a cute note or send an email of appreciation to someone you care about.

13.) Keep the planet beautiful.  Keep America Beautiful builds public gardens. Donating $10 to pays for 25 flower bulbs.

14.) Make cards for hospitalized kids.  Donate your time and creativity to make handmade cards for the organization Cards for Hospitalized Kids.

15.) Donate a tree to a military family.  You can donate a Christmas tree to a military family through the organization, Trees for Troops.

16.) Bring treats to the office to share with your boss and coworkers.

17.) Make care bags for a homeless shelter.

18.) Collect cans of food and donate them to a food bank.

19.) Adopt a family.  Fulfill a family’s holiday wish list with the Salvation Army’s Adopt-A-Family Program.

20.) Donate your airline miles. Help a soldier to see their family by donating your airline miles to

21.) Take your old coats to Goodwill.


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Hi everyone!  This is my first blog post to my new series called, “Get Inspired to Help”.  It is my hope that through this section of my blog, some of you will either become more aware of how to help in you community, or be inspired to create your own ways of giving back.  When I became aware that and H&M had partnered together for a cause called, “Comeback Clothes”, I knew I had to help.

Being a fashion major in college, I have been educated in some of my classes on the danger that clothes can bring to our environment.  I learned that it takes an unbelievable amount of energy, and water to make textiles.  Not only so, but every year, 11.1 million tons of clothing that could be recycled ends up in landfills.  We need to be conserving energy and landfill space, and you guys can help!

When I came home for the summer from college, I grabbed a big box and I started sorting through my closet for clothes that were stained, ruined, bleached, etc.  Any kind of clothing that can no longer be worn is perfect for this campaign!  So feel free to grab that white shirt that you accidentally dyed pink in the wash and throw it in the box.  Next, go through your closet a second time and look for clothing that isn’t ruined, but you would no longer like to keep for whatever reason.  H&M and DoSomething will be donating clothing that is in good condition to people who need it!


Before you go and drop those clothes off, snap a picture with yourself and your clothes and post it to  A person will be chosen at random to win a $10,000 dollar scholarship from submitted pictures!  Now go ahead and take that box to your nearest H&M drop-off location.  If you have a lot of clothes it might be a good idea to call before hand and give them a heads up!  This campaign is ending on June 20th so go through those clothes A.S.A.P.! ( :

You can also text DROP to 38383 for 15% off of your next H&M purchase and it is another way to enter for the scholarship!

If any of you decide to do this campaign because you saw my post, hashtag #GetInspiredWithNicole on either Instagram or Twitter!  I would love to see what you guys are up too ( :


Nicole ♡