I love a hairstyle that looks complicated, but is actually so easy to do.  This low rolled bun updo looks perfectly polished for work, a special event, or just everyday wear and takes under 5 minutes to do!

Products used:

-Bobby Pins

-Hair Tie

-L’Oreal Paris Studio Above It All Invisi Gel Volumizing Hair Gel

-Aussie Aussome Volume Hairspray

Prior to beginning: I straightened my hair in order to create a smooth and polished effect.  I find that it really helps to reduce frizziness and flyways to begin like this.  I then distributed a small dot of gel throughout my hair to create some hold.

Step 1:  Start by creating a low ponytail and secure with a hair tie.

Step 2:  Make a small opening in the center of the ponytail, splitting the hair into two even sections with your fingers.

Step 3:  Take the ponytail and pull it up and into the opening.  I found that this was easiest done when I put my thumb and pointer finger inside the opening, ready to grab it and pull it through instead of just trying to shove it down.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 one or two more times until the ponytail is a bun.

Step 5: Pin any remaining hair into the bun and hairspray to secure flyways.

Hope you are having a great Monday and thanks for reading! (:


Nicole ♡


Hi girls!  Music festival season is now in full swing, which means that we will be seeing a TON of flower crowns this spring and summer (which I love).  I think accessorizing your hair is an amazing idea.  But, as I was searching for some festival inspiration I saw a million of them and I decided that I needed to make something for you guys that would make you stand out! You need something that’s not so easy to find in a store, but also something that you can make for a few dollars.  Cue these super easy to make flower pins.

You will need:

– Bobby Pins   

– 1 Bouquet of Fake Daisies ($1.00 at Michael’s)  

-Wire Cutters 

-Hot Glue (optional)

  1. First, with the wire cutters, cut the daisies off of their stem (make sure you leave a small piece of stem attached to the flower).
  2. Push the small bit of stem through the loop of your Bobby pin.
  3. I found that my daisies stayed in the Bobby pins very securely even without any glue, but if you want to be sure (or if you flower stem is very thin), place a small dot of hot glue over the piece of stem and Bobby pin to glue them together.

That’s it!  Hope you enjoy making these and I would love to see your recreations! You can tag me on Instagram with @theinspirationcloset or #getinspiredwithnicole (:

Thanks for reading!