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Hi friends!  Something that you may not know about me is that I love to bake, so once and awhile I like to take a break from the usual fashion posts and throw in something a little different.  Now don’t let this fool you I’m a total amateur at baking (I mean c’mon I’m using boxed mix here), but when I saw these cute cupcake cones on Pinterest I just couldn’t resist trying them out.  I think they came out really awesome and I wanted to share how I made them with you all, so here goes…

You will need:

  • 1 box of cake mix + the water, eggs and vegetable oil called for on the box.  I used the Duncan Hines Lemon Supreme mix.
  • 1 box of ice cream cones
  • 1 container of frosting (I used the Pillsbury brand vanilla flavor)
  • sprinkles
  1. Heat your oven to 350°F (325°F for dark or nonstick pans).  I found that my cones did not need them, but if you would like you can place a muffin baking cup in each of the tins.  Place a cone in each muffin tin.
  2. Divide the batter among the cups, leaving some room towards the top.
  3. Bake anywhere from 16-22 minutes, but be sure to check your cupcakes with a toothpick frequently to make sure they aren’t over cooking.  When the toothpick comes out clean they are done.  Give a generous amount of time for the cupcakes to cool (about 30 minutes or so).
  4. Frost as desired, however for the neatest application I recommend using a frosting bag with a tip.
  5. Enjoy!

I hope you guys try this out – it’s really cute for the summer time, especially if you’re using it as a treat at a party or bringing some over to a friends.  (: 

Thanks for reading!


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game controller 2

game controller 5

game controllers 4

game controller 1

Want to totally win the gift giving game this year?  This Valentine’s Day, you can make these chocolate game controllers, (yes you heard correctly CHOCOLATE game controllers), for only a few dollars!  I made these for my boyfriend Craig, and I know he’s going to love them.  It’s chocolate and gaming, what’s not to love right?  You can even make these beyond Valentine’s Day just as a special surprise for someone special.

You will need:

  • 1 Game Controller Chocolate Mold (Purchase Here)
  • 1 Package (12oz) of Wilton White Candy Melts
  • 1 Individual Package of Tropical Skittles
  • 1 Individual Package of Sprees
  • 1 Package of Treat Bags ($1 at Target)
  • 1 Ceramic Bowl

Put a very small handful of candy melts aside before you begin.  You will need them later.  In a ceramic bowl, heat a little less than 1/3 of your candy melts package in the microwave for 1 minute on 50% power.  When the candy is completely liquified, quickly begin pouring it into your mold (use a spoon to help it along if you need too.)  When the mold is full tap it on a hard surface several times to let any air bubbles escape.  Let the mold with the chocolate in it in the freezer for 15 minutes to make sure it has cooled.  

After 15 minutes, take it out and gently turn the mold over with your hand on the chocolate.  Tap it very gently and it should just fall right out.  Repeat this process until you are out of chocolate.  Feel free to reheat leftover chocolate that has stuck to the bowl each time because it will just liquify with the rest.

After you have finished doing this, you should have around 3 game controllers or so.  Take the candy melts you put aside and melt them for 30 seconds at 50% power.  You are now going to arrange two sprees and 8 skittles on each controller.  As you can probably tell, there is an outline for where each piece of candy should go.  Use the chocolate as glue.  Put it on the bottom of each candy and stick it on.  You will be surprised how well it stays after it has dried.  Finally, insert your game controllers in each treat bag and tape them closed.

Give them to someone special! (:


Nicole ♡

nerds 4 valentine's day tag 2 nerds 2 talk nerdy to me 5

Hi everyone!  Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get crafty and make something cute for someone that you care about.  This idea is perfect for a boyfriend, or can be turned into a silly kind of gift for your girl friends.  When I was in high school, our school would sell roses that you could send to a boyfriend or girlfriend with a personalized message.  So instead, my friends and I would all send each other the roses with cute notes talking about fun memories or our friendship in general.  Making something cute for a friend on Valentine’s Day is a great way to remind them that you care and can be a huge cheer-up for someone who is bummed about the holiday.  This project is so easy too and not expensive!

Okay, so you can find EVERYTHING for this project except for the nerds in the dollar section of Target!  I found the nerds at Walgreens.

You’ll need:

1 Glass Jar

1 Chalkboard Marker

1 Package of Burlap Gift Tags (With Chalkboard on Front)

1 36 Package of Valentine’s Day Themed Nerds

Pour as many nerd packages as it will take to fill your jar.  If you use the dollar jar from Target you will have some nerds left over.  (What a shame right 😉 you’ll just have to eat them all!)  Close the jar with the lid.  Uncap your chalkboard marker and begin writing your message on your burlap tag.  Tie the tag around your jar and wha-la your’e finished!





Hi!  In honor of Halloween being tomorrow, I wanted to do a quick DIY pumpkin painting post.  This is how I painted my pumpkins this year that I got when I went pumpkin picking.  See my pumpkin picking post here.

To paint these pumpkins all you will need is:


-Acrylic paint

-Paint brushes

-A surface to paint on (I used a paper plate)

For the gold painted pumpkin I used the Winsor & Newton acrylic paint in the color, “Antique Gold”.  Grab a paper plate and squeeze a decent amount of paint onto it.  Use your paintbrush to evenly coat your pumpkin.  Repeat once more for the most even and bold color.

For the black pumpkin, I used Liquitex High Viscosity Acrylic in the color, “Mars Black.  I recommend painting the pumpkin black before attempting to make the stem gold.  I found it was easy to keep the gold neat around the base of the stem with an outline of black as a guide.

For the last pumpkin, I wanted to make it look like an apple, because I didn’t get to go apple picking this year (don’t judge me :p).  Anyway, I used Liquitex Basic Acrylic Color in the color, "Alizarine Crimson Hue”.  For the stem, I used Winsor & Newton, “Permanent Green Light”.  Use the same technique for painting the stem as you did with the black pumpkin.  If you are having trouble keeping the paint solely on the stem, use painters tape.  Also, I love the bright green color of the stem.  You may need a third coat of red, because I found it was difficult to get the color even with just one or two coats.

Make sure you let all of these dry for several hours before moving them! 

(Sidenote: I used my Nana’s paints for this.  I’m sure any brand of each color will be just as good as the next for these pumpkins.  For example: for the gold pumpkin, just look for any kind of very shiny gold acrylic paint.)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and thank you so much for visiting my blog!

Happy Halloween!! (: 

Tweet me @NicoleLauren___ (that’s three underscores) and tell me what you’re being this year!

My boyfriend Craig and I are being Bugs and Lola from Space Jam! 








Hi!  I find that sometimes a holiday seems so far away and then all of a sudden… its here!  If that’s the case with you too, you may not have given yourself enough time to make something cute and delicious for that Halloween party you’re throwing.  Maybe you just wanted to make something sugary for yourself while you watch Halloweentown, but didn’t find the time.  Either way, you want something fast that still looks cute enough to Instagram because Halloween is almost here!  

Here’s some ideas…

Dracula Donuts

Dunkin Donuts


-Vampire teeth

This is so simple its practically self-explanatory.  Head over to Dunkin Donuts and grab yourself as many donuts as you will need.  I recommend going with the chocolate frosted, vanilla frosted, or plain glazed because they are basic colors. You can make them look a little more Halloween themed than some of the other donuts available.  Ex: pink frosted (doesn’t really scream Halloween).  Add some M&M’s for eyes by pushing them gently into the frosting of your choice.  I think the red M&M’s look particularly vampire-ish.  Last, we need the teeth.  Dollar Tree and Party City sell bundles of fake teeth for very low prices.  Dollar Tree has 10 for a dollar!

Vampire Kiss Floats

-Hawaiian Punch

-Vanilla Ice Cream

This float is so perfect for a last minute drink idea.  You only need two ingredients!  If you have it, this drink looks really cute in a mason jar.  You can purchase jars at Michaels, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Stop&Shop etc.  Start by filling your cup with some Hawaiian Punch.  Leave a good amount of space between the top of your cup and the Hawaiian Punch.  Take a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream (I used Friendly’s brand) and carefully put it on the top of your Hawaiian Punch.  When the ice cream starts to melt into your punch, it’s gonna taste so yummy!  Top it off with a paper straw and some vampire teeth and your set!  (You can get both at Dollar Tree or Micheals)

Hope you guys enjoyed these Halloween treat ideas and thank you for visiting my blog! (: