Italy was absolutely incredible!  The food, the scenery, the people – it was all so exciting and almost too much to take in at once.  I went with my family on a tour through the country starting in Venice and ending in Capri.  Along the way we stopped in Modena, Florence, Pienza, Rome, Sienna, Tuscany and Sorrento.  Each place was so different from the next and unbelievably unique.  We spent a total of 9 days in Europe, taking in 9 cities and loving every minute of it.

If you follow me on Instagram (@theinspirationcloset), then you probably saw tons of updates along the way, but I wanted to create a post highlighting where to get everything that I wore on the trip.  Here are the outfit details:


Hat: Purchased in Italy (similar) // Romper: Purchased in Italy (similar) // Sunglasses: Purchased in Italy (similar) // Shoes: DSW // Lip Stain: Armani Lip Magnet “400 For All”


Dress: Banana Republic (similar) (alternative) // Hat: Marshalls (similar) // Purse: Century 21 (similar) // Shoes: Century 21 (similar)


Dress: T.J. Max (similar) // Backpack: Marshalls (similar)


Dress: Tobi // Hat: Marshalls (similar) // Shoes: Marshalls (similar)


Dress: Who.A.U. (similar) // Shoes: Century 21 (similar) // Silk Scarf: Oscar de la Renta (alternative) (alternative)


Bikini Top: Cotton On (similar) // Bikini Bottom: Old Navy // Silk Scarf: Oscar De La Renta (alternative) (alternative)


Dress: T.J. Max (similar) // Backpack: Century 21 (similar)


Dress: H&M (similar) // Backpack: Century 21 (similar) // Silk Scarf: Vintage (similar)


chambray-toni-dress blue-summer-dress denim-toni-dress chambray-dress denim-dress

Dress: Tobi // Purse: Century 21 (alternative) // Sneakers: DSW // Lipstick: MAC “Ruby Woo”

Happy Monday, everyone!  This new chambray dress from Tobi is so soft and comfortable!  I love how lightweight the material is.   I wore it on Memorial Day with these plain white Grasshopper sneakers from DSW which by the way I am OBSESSED with.  Seriously, I promise they are the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever owned.  I wore them for an entire week to Disney World and did not come back with a single blister.  Highly recommend both the dress and sneakers for summer!


white-dress white-off-shoulder-dress white-tobi-dress tassel-earrings

Dress: Tobi // Bag: Nordstrom (alternative) // Shoes: Mandee (similar) // Earrings: The Tiny Tassel // Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters // Lipstick: MAC “Ruby Woo”

Happy Wednesday!  I am OBSESSED with this white and navy shift dress from Tobi.  The colors just scream summer and I love the way my tassel earrings pop against it.  Being that the dress is so light and flowy, I think it’s going to be the perfect warm weather vacation piece.  It also happens to be half off right now so go get your shop on while it’s still on sale!


white-pants white-outfit all-white-look all-white-everything

Top: Cotton On (Similar) // Jeans: Target (Similar) // Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (Similar) // Bag: Nordstrom (Similar) // Booties: Nordstrom Rack (Similar) // Lip: Armani Lip Magnet in “Pink”

Happy Wednesday!  There’s something about an all white outfit that is so striking and clean looking.  I like to pair with neutral accessories or bright pops of color depending on my mood.  As usual, these white ripped pants are my go-to.  They are so comfortable and somehow I’ve managed to keep them dirt-free for the past couple of years.  Don’t ask me how because it’s a mystery to me.  I kept the color to just my nails and lips and added some heeled ankle booties to elevate the look.  Hope everyone has a great week!

Gourmet StrawberriesDIY Chocolate Covered StrawberriesChocolate Covered StrawberriesDIY Chocolate Covered Strawberries

It’s been awhile since I had a DIY for you guys, but when I saw these Gourmet Chocolate Covered Strawberries all over Instagram that were majorly pricey, I just couldn’t resist!

The best part about these luxe strawberries is how fancy they look and very comparable to what you’ll find on the internet, but are actually really easy to make and require just about zero skill!  Trust me when I say that when it comes to making anything remotely Pinterest looking I usually end up with one of those Pinterest fail after photos.  So I promise if I can make these so can you!

What You’ll Need:

2 Boxes of Strawberries

Bright Pink Candy Melts (Get at Michaels or Joann’s + can use 50% off coupon)

Bright White Candy Melts (Get at Michaels or Joann’s + can use 50% off coupon)

White Nonpareils (Get at Michaels or Joann’s + can use 50% off coupon)

Small Gift Wrapping Boxes (Found at the $1 store)

Paper Candy Wrappers (Get at Michaels or Joann’s + can use 50% off coupon)

White Tissue Paper (Found at the $1 store)

Parchment Paper


Okay, so first things first, wash those berries.  Once washed, examine each one carefully for size and shape and try to select only the most uniform looking ones to be used.  Cut a piece of parchment paper and lay on a flat plate or board (you may need a few of these).  Next begin warming a small bowl of one color of the candy melts in the microwave for 30 seconds.  Take it out and stir.  Repeat this process until it has fully melted.  You don’t want to apply heat for too long at a time at risk of burning the candy.  I also recommend only heating up one color at a time and completing that row of strawberries before moving on, as you must work quickly before the candy hardens.

Work with one strawberry at a time, gently holding it by the stem and dipping it in the candy melt.  Try to do so as neatly as possible and avoid getting color on the actual stem, while coating the entire strawberry evenly.  Again, you will have to work somewhat quickly, but if the candy hardens too fast you can always pop it back in the microwave.  Allow the excess to drip from the berry before gently placing it on the plate/board for decorating.

There are a few methods of decorating that I noticed on the fancy Instagram strawberries, all of which I used for my own.

1.) Roll entire strawberry in a bowl of Nonpareils, coating entire berry

2.) Place berry on a plate/board and gently sprinkle a few Nonpareils on the berry

3.) Melt a little candy coating of a different color and gently drizzle side to side with a spoon on your berry

I recommend a combination of the three to get that diverse Instagram-looking berry effect.

Once each color has been completed, pop your strawberries into the fridge for half an hour.  This will ensure that the candy coating has hardened thoroughly.  Once hardened, gently remove each berry and place in the paper wrappers.  Line your box with several sheets of white tissue paper.  Arrange each coated berry in your box.  Mine fit 4×6 berries, but arrange them as your own box allows.

I hope you guys love these Gourmet Chocolate Covered Strawberries as much as I did!  Give them as a gift or if you’re me just sit in your room binge watching Gossip Girl and devouring strawberries. 😊