Sometimes it can be hard to find a good healthy snack.  Personally, I know that I get bored sometimes with what is already in my house and I want try something new.  This snack is not only adorable (I’m a sucker for anything remotely cute looking), but it’s also super filling and simple to make!

All you need to do is grab a piece of whole wheat toast and spread a decent amount of peanut butter on it.  From there, take a banana and cut it in half.  Cut off one of the banana halve’s end pieces to make a nose for your bear.  Then take cut two pieces from the opposite side of the banana to make ears.  Now, grab three blueberries and arrange eyes and the tip of the nose on top of the bear.  You’re all done! (:

Want to have your bear as a lunch instead?  Make a 2-3 more for a yummy mid-day treat.

Recently, I have been wanting to try something new for breakfast and decided to make these rainbow pancakes this morning.  They are simple to make and my little sister was in love with the way they turned out.

Start by making the batter just like you would with regular pancakes using either a store bought pancake mix, or from scratch.  Any mix will work, it really just depends on what your preference is.  Once the mix is in batter form, separate it into six different bowls evenly.  Now, you’re going to need food coloring in the colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.  HOWEVER, many products in stores only provide colors: red, yellow, blue, and green (super annoying).  So, you’ll have to mix red and yellow for the color orange, and blue and red will be mixed to make purple.  I added 2-3 drops of each color to each batter and thoroughly mixed.

Now make the pancakes on a skillet like you normally would, but one color at a time.  HUGE TIP: Try very hard not to overcook the pancakes or the color will be overshadowed by the brownish burnt color of the pancakes.  In rainbow order, stack them on top of each other when they are done cooking.  I used butter, confectioner’s sugar, and syrup as a topping, but use whatever you like.  Done! Enjoy (:


Nicole ❤


Music festival season has arrived!  As many are already aware, the season begins in March and ends in August in the United States.  Several of the most popular upcoming events this year include: Ultra in Miami, Florida (March 28-30), Coachella 2014 in Indio, California (April 11-13 and again on April 18-20), and Electric Daisy Carnival in East Rutherford, NJ (May 24-24).  For a music festival expert like Vanessa Hudgens, picking out an outfit is probably close to second nature.

“I love Coachella. I go every year.  You get to take your shoes off, run around like a crazy person and have flowers in your hair. It’s just amazing… I love being barefoot, dressing up and listening to music that I love” the star dished to Chelsea Lately in an interview back in January.

However, the rest of us that are not “festival regulars” might need some wardrobe assistance!

Start the outfit off with some festive shorts.  I found that Dolly Girl Fashion has some amazing choices and very reasonable prices.  Bold shorts, like the ones featured above, go best with a simple color top like these pieces that I found from Delia’s and Fashion Union.  Still think the outfit needs a little something extra?  Throw on a Kimono like the ones I found from New Look.  They’re light and airy-perfect for all that walking and dancing around!  Finish the look with a Forever 21 flower crown and a fringe purse like this one from LookBook Store and have a great time! (:

     Valentine’s Day will be here soon!  Whether you’re dressing up to go out with the girls, a boyfriend, or just because, V-day is the perfect excuse to get pretty and treat yourself a little.  I picked out a few dresses to help inspire you.  My favorite way to wear a dress is to keep it classy, while showing a little bit of skin.  I personally feel its more attractive this way, because your eye focuses on something like an open back, or a little shoulder, more than if the whole outfit was completely revealing.  

     The red dress is from  Forever 21 and it is called, the “Clear Cut Textured Skater Dress”.  The pink number is from Fashion Union and it’s called, “Lara LOVE Cold Shoulder Pleated Dress”.  The name of this next dress is so cute-“The Black Swan Dress” and that one is from Goodnight Macaroon.  The last dress is from River Island and it’s called,  the “Grey Daisy Jacquard Bodycon Dress”.


Your 90’s childhood play clothes are back!   Overalls have recently been seen on the Spring 2014 runway and on celebrities such as Vanessa Ann Hudgens, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus.  Do you love it or hate it?  Personally, I have mixed feelings on overalls, but these models above definitely rock them.  I think I prefer the overall shorts over the long pants.  What do you think?

From Top-Left Moving Down and Around: Forever 21 Prairie Patchwork Overalls, Modernist Denim Overall Dress, 15 FIFTEEN Skinny Boyfriend Overalls, Free People Washed Denim Overalls, Bullhead Denim Co Boyfriend Overalls, Nordstrom Destroyed Overalls, Nasty Gal Reckless Overalls, Asos Ganni Denim Overalls

Middle: ASOS Short Denim Overalls