Need to Start Eating Healthy?

The Inspiration Closet has you covered!  A juicer is a great way to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet.  Although this is a drink made entirely out of fruit, I find that a juicer helps me to eat vegetables I normally don’t like by disguising them with the sweetness of other ingredients.  Cut all of the above items up in pieces small enough to fit in your juicer and juice each fruit one by one.  Combine all the ingredients in a pitcher, mix thoroughly, and store in the fridge.  Enjoy! (:

Skin Type: Combination (Oily+Dry+Sensitive)

These Products May Not Work for All Skin Types and I am not Claiming to be a Professional, but they Definitely Work for Me!


What I Avoid Eating:  Fast Food, Dairy, and Oils:  Between the chemicals, grease, and fried nature of the products, fast food is something I try to avoid as much as possible when striving for clear skin.  Dairy has been shown to promote breakouts so I try to limit this as well.  I love cheese and ice-cream so this is something that I have trouble cutting down on.  As far as consuming anything oily, or greasy goes, I make sure to wash my hands as soon as I am done eating before I touch my face in order to prevent the grease from attacking my pores.


Vitamins I Take Daily:  Vitamins are such an important part of achieving clear skin.  Vitamin D3 has been shown to promote clear skin and I definitely see a difference in my skin when I take it.  Vitamin C and Vitamin E help me as well.


Cleansing Products:  Clean & Clear’s, “Morning Burst Detoxifying Facial Cleanser” is the only face wash I can use that doesn’t break me out.  It doesn’t have benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, which is better for my sensitive skin.  It is supposedly infused with oxygen and antioxidants inside the small beads and I think they work well to unclog pores.  Before I wash my face I use face wipes to get all the makeup off.  I personally think any brand of makeup wipes will work just as well as the next.


Topical Products:  Okay, so the following products are really what has improved my skin the most.  To start, a clay mud mask such as one from the brand, Queen Helene does wonders for acne prone skin.  The clay gets into pores and dries the oil out.  Leave it on for ten minutes and then wash off.  Next, go to you’re local Whole Foods and pick up alwadi orange blossom water.  It works better than rose water as an amazing toner.  Apply with a cotton ball after cleansing face and applying the mud mask.  Now, as strange as it may sound, take pin and puncture a vitamin E capsule.  Squeeze out the oil and combine with CeraVe Moisturizer (an excellent moisturizer for acne prone skin).  Rub it on the face, neck, or any other problem areas of the body.  This routine has cleared my skin like nothing i’ve ever tried.  Oil is a magnet for other oil, so by topically applying an oil like Vitamin E that doesn’t clog pores, you are actually pulling the pore clogging oil out of your skin!


Hope This Helps You and Good Luck ! (:

For the past month I have been using Maybelline’s, “Rocket Volum’ Mascara” and I have to say, I am very happy with it.  I chose to make it this week’s, “Beauty Product of the Week” for a few reasons.  This mascara takes my lashes to extreme lengths, more so than I have found with any other mascara. This includes Benefit’s, “They’re Real” featured in my “Products Worth the Price” post.  The product honestly make your lashes look as if they are false because they become so long, and the volume is fantastic as well.  I recently used a pair of false lashes and without applying any mascara to them, they were smaller than this mascara made my lashes by itself.  I do have one issue with this product.  This formula is high clump because this mascara makes layers very easy to build upon.  While the build-ability is part of what makes the item so successful, the clumps are an issue.  A quick fix for this is to take your finger and place it underneath all of your lashes.  After doing so, gently move your finger from side to side pushing upward lightly.  While you will get a little mascara on your fingers, you can wash it off and it effectively will have separated the majority of your clumped lashes.  If you prefer not to use your finger, take a cotton swab and place the stick horizontally under the lashes, applying the same motion.

The wait is finally over!  L.A. based YouTube sensation, Bethany Mota launched her much anticipated clothing line as of yesterday, Sunday, December 8th.  The eighteen year old, who has recently climbed to 4 million subscribers on her popular YouTube channel, MacBarbie07, is living out her dreams right now.  Several months ago, the social media star announced that Aeropastle had chosen to partner with her for the line and that fashion design had been something she had wanted to do for a long time.  “I have wanted to do a fashion collection for as long as I can remember”, Bethany told viewers in an interview with Aeropastle.  There are several interviews in which she talks about the clothing line that can be found on the company’s YouTube page.  As told by,, Aeropastle Executive Vice President, Emilia Fabricant was ecstatic to have Mota as a part of their team.  She states, “We are thrilled to partner with Bethany on her first-ever design collection.  She has a keen eye for fashion, is a social media phenomenon, and is a wonderful role model.  She connects with the teen girl and has been an Aeropostale customer herself for years. With that in mind, she is a natural fit for the brand.”  The line is very affordable with clothes ranging in price anywhere from $5-$78.  I have personally been a long-time fan of Bethany Mota’s videos. I am looking forward to meeting her tomorrow and checking out the collection when she makes an appearance at Aeropastle!  All items featured above can be found exclusively at or in-store!

Fuzzy sweaters are everywhere this Fall! These sweaters not only look glamorous, but they are incredibly soft and comfortable on your skin.  Celebrity, Ariana Grande, was seen wearing the pink Knitted Fluffy Crew Jumper that is featured above.  Other pieces that are featured from Topshop include the Knitted Fluffy V Neck Jumper and the Knitted Fluffy Crop Sweater.  For less expensive pieces, Forever 21 offers an array of choices such as this chic Je T’aime Fuzzy Sweater.