Farmhouse Pantry Cabinet Storage

farmhouse pantry organization

There’s nothing more satisfying than walking into an organized pantry, and so today I’m sharing some of my top picks for farmhouse pantry cabinet storage!  Jars, bins and baskets are a great way to take your space from a cluster of messy chip bags to a uniform station where everything is not only neat, but super easy to find in your farmhouse kitchen.

Top Picks // Farmhouse Pantry Cabinet Storage:

Glass Jars

I always recommend glass jars for storing dry goods such as flour, sugar, baking powder, rice, oats, etc.  Not only is glass a healthier option than plastic, but having clear storage makes quickly identifying and using ingredients a breeze.  These jars also look amazing on a shelf and actually can become part of your decor!  I am loving these Anchor Hocking Gallon and Half Gallon Glass Jars.  They are USA made and fairly inexpensive, especially since you’ll want to get a few.

Labels & Label Makers

I tend to go label crazy, but it really is the best way to easily identify everything your looking for and avoid the guessing games day-to-day.  Etsy has some amazing label options that I’ve included below (these are awesome for those big jars we talked about earlier), but if you are planning on labeling a large amount of items around the house, then a label maker is a great option.  We use this one!

Wall Mounts & Shelves

If you have a large walk in pantry, then these options might be for you!  Hang metal baskets to hold fruit and veggies or even neatly store essentials like dish rags, reusable bags and more.  If you have a free wall, mount a shelf to maximize space and storage your baking/dry goods.

Bins & Baskets

Keep items arranged by category using a variety of bins and baskets.  Snacks can go in one, pasta in another, soup, etc. you get the idea!  Grouping like items together gives your pantry a uniform look and makes finding what you want far more simple.

Pantry Signs

So this is not a storage related idea, but a super cute way to label your pantry area!  Mount one above a walk in pantry or cabinet to add some decor to the space.

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