Trader Joe’s Must Haves + Get Paid to Grocery Shop

trader joe's must havestrader joe's must haves

There are so many Trader Joe’s must haves that are on my list.  Plus, yep, you read that right.  I actually get paid to shop at Trader Joe’s and tons of other grocery stores!  Sounds too good to be true right?  Well, if you aren’t getting rewarded for your shopping trips then you’re missing out on some serious money.

So before we get on to my Trader Joe’s must haves… don’t worry I’ve got you covered on a serious guide to savings – here’s how:

1.) Scan Your Receipts With Fetch

Each time I shop at Trader Joe’s, I take a picture of the receipt wha-lah!  The Fetch app rewards you for at least at least 25 points every time you scan a receipt, no matter if you’ve purchased specific products or not.  

Earn at least 3,000 points ($3.00) and you can cash out to earn gift cards to some of your favorite stores.  I’ve earned $20 in Amazon gift cards since downloading the app 3 months ago!  Use code: HD3RG to get a $2.00 just for signing up!

2.) Earn Points For Shopping With Drop

Drop is a free mobile app that allows you to collect points for your everyday spending.  It’s super easy and secure to link your debit and credit cards.  *TIP*: Make sure to select Trader Joe’s as one of your favorite stores when you first sign-up (the app doesn’t allow you to change this later). From there, every time you spend money at Trader Joe’s, you earn Drop points that can be redeemed instantly on gift cards from stores like Amazon and Sephora.  You’ll get $5 just for signing up!  I’ve made $30 within 4 months.trader joe's must havestrader joestrader joe's must havestrader joe's must havestrader joe's must haves

Now onto the Trader Joe’s must haves!  Here are our favorite things to buy from Trader Joe’s:

Organic Blackberries – we buy the majority of our produce organic and these are always so fresh and delicious when they are in season.

Organic Blueberries – same as above!

Frozen Mangos – these are perfect for smoothies.  I use these combined with mango greek yogurt, a banana, and coconut milk.

Coconut Water – so hydrating and delicious when regular water gets dull.

Eggs – we love using these to make breakfast for dinner.  Sometimes we buy the Trader Joe’s Hash browns too…so good!

Avocados – Perfect for breakfast in omelettes, salads, or for making avocado toast.

Grilled Chicken – I always put some in salads for lunch.

Mochi – Craig and I have tried every flavor at this point – all are good, but green tea is definitely at the top for me.

Seltzer – just as good as some of my other favorite brands!

Popcorn – my favorite is the bacon variety, but it’s only seasonal.  For all other times my favorite is the white cheddar.

Bananas – I use these to make smoothies every week.

Fresh Basil, Rosemary and Thyme – they have all of these available to grow yourself for always fresh herbs!

Organic Corn Chips – perfect with salsa and so good with dinner burrito bowls.

Guacamole – omg. no explanation needed.

Greek Yogurt – the only greek yogurt I buy!  It’s not too sour like some brands.

Burrata, Proscutto & Arugula Flatbread – the BEST flatbread they have in my opinion.

Chiabatta Rolls – my favorite bread right now.

Rose Vinagrette Dressing – a recent find and SO good with grilled chicken and feta cheese.

Pickle Popcorn – seasonal, salty, sour and delicious – grab it while it’s still around!

Comment with some of your Trader Joe’s must haves!

Plus, check out some of my other shopping hacks!


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