7 Non-Toxic Candles For Your Home


I love burning candles at home.  It’s the easiest way to give your space a quick dose of cozy ambiance and a fresh scent to match any mood. 🔥

Well… you can imagine my disappointment when I recently found out that most of my favorite candle brands were actually harming my health.  🙁

Yep. sad, but true.  After feeling a little light headed around some of my favorite candles, I decided to do some research and learned that a lot of candles are made with paraffin which releases highly toxic volatile organic compounds when burned, including the known carcinogens, benzene, and toluene. The toxins released from paraffin candles are the same as those found in diesel fuel fumes.  

In a word – ew.

I also discovered that a lot of wicks are made of lead which is released into the air when burned.  In addition, all of the additives that are put into candles cause them to burn with a lot of soot which then goes into the air and irritates your lungs.

Before, you get overwhelmed and start throwing out all of  your candles – I put together a quick guide below detailing what to look for.  Pin it for later so you don’t forget!


Anddddd…just in case you DO want to replace your candles, I’ve included 7 of my favorite non-toxic candles for you to shop!

My Favorite Non-Toxic Candles:

Besem Natural Scents

Bee With It Candles

HunneeBMarket Candles


Eternal Returns Candles

Simply Soy Candle Co.

Winter Bee Shop Candles   


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