4 Podcasts to Listen to Right Now


I honestly never thought I would be a podcast person.

Craig loves them and for years has been telling me to give the whole thing a try, but I was always kinda like eh?  I guess I’m more of a visual person and so the idea of listening to someone talk for an hour without anything to look at wasn’t exactly something I was racing to do.

Enter Directionally Challenged.  If you were a fan of the Vampire Diaries, then you know just how likable Candice King and Kayla Ewell are on and off screen.  These girls are so down to earth and so. freakin’. relatable.  I’d always loved following along on their social media separately and when they announced that they would be teaming up for a podcast about navigating the challenges of everyday life I HAD to tune in.  It wasn’t long before I started listening to some of the other “recommend for me” podcasts and well, here we are – I guess I’m a podcast person now.  😇

So in order – here are 4 podcasts I’m loving right now:

1. Directionally Challenged – with Candice King and Kayla Ewell

For all the reasons above plus so many more!  Candice and Kayla are hilarious, always have interesting guests on the show and make you feel like you could easily be BFFs.  They occasionally talk about what life was like while filming The Vampire Diaries too!

2. Whine Down – with Jana Cramer

Okay, so this one is going to sound weird because I’m not married and the show is mostly centered around Jana and her husband working through their relationship issues after he was unfaithful to her during her pregnancy with their child.  BUT it’s just a really good listen!  It’s super interesting to hear about their relationship and how they are overcoming such a dramatic time in their lives.

3. Scrubbing In – with Becca Tilley & Tanya Rad

Where are all my Bachelor fans at?  😍  LOL okay yeah so I’m one of those girls that shamelessly loves the Bachelor.  One of my girlfriends always comes over and we drink wine and laugh for two hours straight and it’s just the best thing ever after a long day at work.  If you’re not familiar with Becca, she was on multiple seasons of the Bachelor and just has one of those personalities that’s super likable.  The show topics are kind of random, but she does like to talk about Grey’s Anatomy a bunch.  I honestly don’t watch the show because medical stuff makes me kind of squeamish 🤢, but I like tuning in to listen to everything else.

4. Not Too Deep – with Grace Helbig

Grace is absolutely hilarious and always keeps it super real.  If you’re not familiar, start by watching some of her YouTube videos.

So that’s all of my favorites so far!  I love listening to them in the car or in the background instead of music while I work.  I definitely recommend giving these podcasts a try!

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