My Fall Bucket List


Hi friends!  I have a confession.  Every September, I get so excited thinking about all of the fun fall things that I’m going to do and then: I. never. actually. do. them.  Come October, I realize I haven’t gone apple picking, I don’t have any pumpkins and I haven’t baked a single pie.  😕

BUT, this year I decided it was going to be different! 🤗  I designed a fall bucket list featuring all my favorite fall things and made a serious effort to actually go and do them.  Though it’s still early, so far, Craig and I have gone apple picking (while the apples were actually still in season), we grabbed up some cute pumpkins and I baked not one, but two pies!  We also ventured through a corn maze (and barely made it out).  Plus, pumpkin slingshotting is totally a thing now and if you haven’t done it you definitely should.  If you’ve been following along on Instagram (@theinspirationcloset), then you probably saw a little bit of that on Insta-stories.  If you don’t follow along then come stop by!  I love talking to you guys in comments and DMs.

I also wanted to share the fall bucket list I made with you so I included it below.  You can share it on your Insta-Stories and check off the fall things that you guys have done so far!


corn-maze pumpkin-picking apple-picking-outfit


Here is the fall bucket list!  You can the image to share on your own Insta-stories + I would love to see what you guys have done so far this fall so DM me with what you’ve checked off the list so far!


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