Transitioning Your Style Into Fall

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Hi friends!  Today I’m sharing 5 tips for transitioning your style into fall.  The time in between summer and fall can be weird both weather and clothing-wise.  Once September rolls around your ready to pack away your shorts and trade the tank tops for jackets, and yet it’s usually still pretty warm outside (at least here in New Jersey).

That’s why today I’m sharing a few tricks to help make transitioning your style into fall a little bit easier:

  1. Don’t put away your sandals just yet!

There’s no rule that says once fall rolls around you have to trade your sandals for boots (at least not immediately).  Keep them around into September and pair with some fall-ish pieces.  You’ll get to show off your pedicure for another month or so and can save the boots for when it’s chilly and you really need them.

2.  Mix deep colors with lighter ones.

Fall colors are my fave, but when it feels a little early to start rocking those deep olive and burnt orange shades, opt for something lighter with hints of darker colors.  This top had the perfect mix of pale blue (summery) + deep reds and navy embroidery (fall-ish).

3.  Layer up…

Not pictured here is the heavy jacket I’ll need to start wearing over this top once it gets chilly in mid October.  You can still wear your summer tops all through the season – just go ahead and throw a jacket over them.  You’ve instantly turned half of your summer wardrobe into fall.

4.  Add tights.

The same goes for dresses!  Add tights to any summer dress and layer up to create a pretty fall ensemble.  I love mixing a pretty floral dress with some heavier fall pieces.

5.  Wear your maxi dresses all fall long.

And finally – add a jacket and a pair of ankle boots to any maxi dress to create the perfect fall look!

Hope you enjoyed these tips for transitioning your style into fall!

What is your favorite fall transition piece to wear?

Top: Tractr (sold out) (alternative women long shirt) // Jeans: Tractr (alternative) // Sandals: T.J. Maxx (similar) // Sunglasses: Amazon

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