DIY Embroidered Jeans

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I’ve had my eye on embroidered jeans since last fall.  They make such a pretty statement and while  I loved this trend, I didn’t want to shell out the $$$ for it.  I was able to DIY my own for under $15 (yep seriously), and you can do it too for even less!  No sewing required for this project!  I used an iron-on glue (yes that exists), and it made these pieces stick on super strong.  Here’s how…

You will need a couple of things for this project:

Step 1:

Using a paint brush, apply a thick coat of the patch attach glue to the back of your embroidery pieces.  Make sure you are painting on the side that you don’t want to be visible (the side that sticks to the jeans).   These embroidery pieces were really large and very detailed, so I used a small paint brush to get into the tiny areas and applied a REALLY thick coat.  You almost want it to be caked on.

Step 2:

Let the glue dry completely before you begin your next step.

Step 3:

Place your jeans on a flat surface that you can iron on.  I used a regular ironing board.  Arrange your (now dry) embroidery pieces, glue side down, onto your jeans.  Make sure they are sitting exactly how you want them to look.  I used a ruler to help measure how even each piece was.

Step 4:

Work on one leg at a time.  Apply a piece of cotton fabric over your embroidery.  You don’t want to iron directly on the design, because you could burn it.  The extra cloth protects it, but allows the heat to set in.  Adjust your iron to the cotton setting (don’t use steam).  For 1-minute, iron over the cloth covered design.  Make sure you are pressing firmly while moving the iron back and forth slowly to equally distribute the heat across the design.

Step 5:

Slowly peel the cloth from the design.  Evaluate whether there are any areas that did not receive enough heat.  I had to go over the tiny leaf details for 1 more minute.  Once this is done, you can repeat the same process to the other leg.

Easy enough right?  I wore these out to brunch and was so excited when I got a few compliments from strangers.  It’s such a good feeling to be able to make something yourself.  I would love to see your recreations!  Tag me on Instagram @theinspirationcloset if you decide to make a pair for yourself!

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