Pulling Off Bold Trends

shein-dresspulling off bold trends knee-boots knee-high-boots embroidered-dress ruffle-sleevesruffle-dress

Dress: SheIn and (similar here) // Boots: ZiGi Soho Boots // Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters // Bag: Target (similar) // Lipstick: Marc Jacobs “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say “I love that, but I can’t pull it off”, I would be majorly rich.  Pulling off bold trends is something that not everyone is comfortable with.  Trust me, I get it.  When I first saw this dress from SheIn I thought “Choker dress, ruffled sleeves and embroidery detail?  Is this too much?”  That made me want to try it even more.  This blog is all about trying new things, finding inspiration and living your best life.  I love being able to test drive looks for you guys and show different ways to wear them.  In short, if I can wear this so can you!

Here are a few tips for how to wear something bold without feeling ridiculous:

1. Be Bold, Yet Simple

If you are going bold, keep the rest of your look simple.  I let this dress steal the show, while all of my other accessories were black to blend in and tone things down.

2. Wear it Out During a Short Trip

If you aren’t completely ready to commit to a look for the day, just try wearing it out for a short trip.  Casually venture outside for 30 minutes where you know you probably won’t run into anyone.  Just get comfortable.

3. Stick to the Dressing Room for Awhile

Before I had a style blog, I used to grab all kinds of crazy outfits and bring them into the dressing room, just to experiment and see what I would look like in all different trends that I wasn’t comfortable wearing out yet.  If you’re not ready to buy something that is out of your comfort zone, just practice trying it on.  Play around with different pieces and slowly integrate them into your wardrobe.

4. Know That Not Everyone Will Like What You’re Wearing

I can’t even tell you the amount of times my sister has told me that she absolutely hated something I was wearing, or a trend that I loved.  It’s okay!  That’s what is so great about fashion.  Everyone has a different sense of style and that’s what gives us the ability to be unique.  Mentally prepare yourself for some haters and remember that you don’t like everything that they wear either.

5. Take a Photo

If I’m not sure about an outfit, sometimes it helps to take a picture.  If you’re still not sure, you can always send it to a friend and ask them what they think.  Again, everyone will have a different opinion, but if your friends say you look really cute in something, it might be the confidence that you need to go for it!

What bold trend do you want to try this fall?


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