Faux Fur

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Faux Fur Vest: Target Exact | Sweater: Zara Similar | Vegan Leather Jeggings: H&M Similar | Necklace: H&M Exact | Watch: Vintage Similar | Bracelet: Vintage Similar | Purse: Target Similar


Hi friends!  I picked up this faux fur vest at Target for half off a few weeks ago and I’m loving it.  When my sister first saw it on the rack, she was like, “Nope, hate it, too shaggy,” but when I showed it to her with this outfit she completely changed her mind.  What I think is great about this vest, is that it doesn’t overpower you, like some of the larger ones.  The shagginess gives it some texture, but it fits close to the body so you retain your figure.  

I paired it with my new vegan leather jeggings from H&M.  For anyone who is on the hunt for some leather pants, I highly recommend trying to find a pair of jeggings!  I tried on both leggings and vegan leather pants from a variety of stores and none fit quite right.  The pants get too bunchy and were very uncomfortable.  When I tried the leggings they just didn’t seem to look as put together as the pants.  These H&M jeggings fit perfectly, and they are so comfortable!

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