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Hi!  In honor of Halloween being tomorrow, I wanted to do a quick DIY pumpkin painting post.  This is how I painted my pumpkins this year that I got when I went pumpkin picking.  See my pumpkin picking post here.

To paint these pumpkins all you will need is:


-Acrylic paint

-Paint brushes

-A surface to paint on (I used a paper plate)

For the gold painted pumpkin I used the Winsor & Newton acrylic paint in the color, “Antique Gold”.  Grab a paper plate and squeeze a decent amount of paint onto it.  Use your paintbrush to evenly coat your pumpkin.  Repeat once more for the most even and bold color.

For the black pumpkin, I used Liquitex High Viscosity Acrylic in the color, “Mars Black.  I recommend painting the pumpkin black before attempting to make the stem gold.  I found it was easy to keep the gold neat around the base of the stem with an outline of black as a guide.

For the last pumpkin, I wanted to make it look like an apple, because I didn’t get to go apple picking this year (don’t judge me :p).  Anyway, I used Liquitex Basic Acrylic Color in the color, "Alizarine Crimson Hue”.  For the stem, I used Winsor & Newton, “Permanent Green Light”.  Use the same technique for painting the stem as you did with the black pumpkin.  If you are having trouble keeping the paint solely on the stem, use painters tape.  Also, I love the bright green color of the stem.  You may need a third coat of red, because I found it was difficult to get the color even with just one or two coats.

Make sure you let all of these dry for several hours before moving them! 

(Sidenote: I used my Nana’s paints for this.  I’m sure any brand of each color will be just as good as the next for these pumpkins.  For example: for the gold pumpkin, just look for any kind of very shiny gold acrylic paint.)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and thank you so much for visiting my blog!

Happy Halloween!! (: 

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