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Hi lovelies!  So as I’m sure you are all aware, back to school time is right around the corner.  For some of you, school has probably already started.  Being that I attend a university, my school year does not begin for another week and a half.  As much as many of us don’t want to think about going back, we have to start shopping for school supplies.  

By the way, does anyone else genuinely love buying school supplies?  It’s my favorite part of going back to school.  That being said, a lot of the designs available for binders, notebooks, folders and etc. are so not cute.  This was the perfect excuse to personalize and DIY my binders and folders this semester.  I also have some tips on where to buy some of the other supplies I picked up that I am really loving this year.

So, lets get into it!  We will start with the binders.  They are incredibly easy to make and I am so happy with how they turned out.  They really show off my personality, which is something I love to do when I DIY something.  Start off by hopping on Tumblr, (which if you are reading this, you are already there so good job!).  Now collect images that inspire you or make you happy.  For me, I like keeping a theme for each binder, so I searched for certain types of blogs in the tumblr search bar.  Some examples are: rosy, vintage summer, Ariana Grande, etc.  Now arrange the images in Microsoft Word.  To achieve the look that I did, make sure to leave some space around the edges and in between each picture.  When you have finished arranging the images, I recommend grabbing some photo paper from your local dollar store (Dollar Tree carries it).  Print your images on the photo paper onto the glossy side.  This just gives them a more smooth and picture-like look.  Now, some of you I’m sure will have the binders where you can just slip the glossy paper right into the plastic in the front.  However, mine didn’t have that, so I went over to Staples and had all the designs laminated at about $1.00 a sheet.  I then used strong packing tape to tape the back of my laminated sheets to the front of my binder and wha-la done. (:

Although my binders looked great after I was done, my folders were still boring and I needed a way to distinguish my classes.  Purchase a dispenser of Washi tape and cut out a piece of blank white paper in any shape you like.  Then, use the Washi tape around the border and write your class on the paper part.  Since, a lot of times Washi tape isn’t super strong, I recommend putting a big piece of clear packing tape over your entire label.  I promise after you do that it’s not moving for the rest of the year!

As for my tips for the rest of my supplies, I highly recommend you visit Walmart for this cute pencil pouch.  It’s so adorable.  For the agenda, I also found countless cute ones at Walmart and they were extremely reasonably priced.  My pencils were purchased at Dollar Tree and I love them.  Glitter and pink is a combination you cannot go wrong with.  However, if you feel like getting extra creative and you want to design your own pencils, go ahead and grab that Washi tape, cut two pieces to the length of your pencil, and place each piece on one half of the pencil.

Good luck with going back to school and send me your creations on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #BackToSchoolWithNicole   



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