DIY | 4th of July Cupcakes


The 4th of July is approaching soon and I wanted to make something cute and festive for the occasion.  These cupcakes were perfect because they look like they took some time, but they were actually really simple to make.  I find that when I don’t have a ton of spare time, but really want to bake something nice, the box mixes work perfect for me (we’re keeping it real here haha).  Obviously, anyone trying this could make the batter from scratch if they would like.  For this recipe I used:

✳ Betty Crocker’s Super Moist White Cake Mix

✳ Pillsbury’s Funfetti Vanilla Frosting

✳ Red, White, and Blue Sprinkles

✳ Fourth of July themed marshmallows

I found everything in the baking aisle except for the marshmallows and the sprinkles, which I had to go to the actual bakery in my food store to find.  After you have baked your cupcakes according to the box directions, let them fully cool.  Now, you can either use an actual piping bag for this, or you can do what I did and cut one tip off the corner of a Ziplock bag.  Put the desired icing tip into the bag and push it partially through the open tip of the bag.

With a spatula, begin spooning the frosting into you bag.  When the bag has a decent amount of frosting in it, twist the open part so that it is sealed from anything dripping out.  For the cleanest appearance, try to frost the cupcakes in one swirl, without taking breaks.  Now, use a bowl to put a bunch of your sprinkles into by themselves.  Take your newly frosted cupcakes, and turn them on their side, slowly rotating them into the sprinkles without getting any near the top.  For the final touch, put a white star marshmallow (the package comes with red and blue as well), onto a toothpick and into your cupcake.


Nicole ♡

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