DIY Rainbow Pancakes

Recently, I have been wanting to try something new for breakfast and decided to make these rainbow pancakes this morning.  They are simple to make and my little sister was in love with the way they turned out.

Start by making the batter just like you would with regular pancakes using either a store bought pancake mix, or from scratch.  Any mix will work, it really just depends on what your preference is.  Once the mix is in batter form, separate it into six different bowls evenly.  Now, you’re going to need food coloring in the colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.  HOWEVER, many products in stores only provide colors: red, yellow, blue, and green (super annoying).  So, you’ll have to mix red and yellow for the color orange, and blue and red will be mixed to make purple.  I added 2-3 drops of each color to each batter and thoroughly mixed.

Now make the pancakes on a skillet like you normally would, but one color at a time.  HUGE TIP: Try very hard not to overcook the pancakes or the color will be overshadowed by the brownish burnt color of the pancakes.  In rainbow order, stack them on top of each other when they are done cooking.  I used butter, confectioner’s sugar, and syrup as a topping, but use whatever you like.  Done! Enjoy (:


Nicole ❤

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