DIY: Music Sheet Art

This project is incredibly easy and so versatile.  I put my Cinderella sheet in a frame and hung it on my wall, but these pictures could also make really cute gifts for family and friends.  I picked a Disney theme for my project, but this idea will work with anything.  Consider using: animals, movies, characters, flowers, symbols, or quotes (just some ideas).

To make this project is very simple!  1.) Go to google, search for a “printable music sheet”, and print it out.  Next google search the “silhouette” of the character, flower, etc., and print that out.  I searched for “Disney Character Silhouettes”.  2.)  Carefully cut the silhouette out, and place it over the music sheet.  Trace the figure onto the music sheet and cut it out.  3.) Glue the new music sheet silhouette onto any color paper you like and “wha-la” done (: .

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