For the past month I have been using Maybelline’s, “Rocket Volum’ Mascara” and I have to say, I am very happy with it.  I chose to make it this week’s, “Beauty Product of the Week” for a few reasons.  This mascara takes my lashes to extreme lengths, more so than I have found with any other mascara. This includes Benefit’s, “They’re Real” featured in my “Products Worth the Price” post.  The product honestly make your lashes look as if they are false because they become so long, and the volume is fantastic as well.  I recently used a pair of false lashes and without applying any mascara to them, they were smaller than this mascara made my lashes by itself.  I do have one issue with this product.  This formula is high clump because this mascara makes layers very easy to build upon.  While the build-ability is part of what makes the item so successful, the clumps are an issue.  A quick fix for this is to take your finger and place it underneath all of your lashes.  After doing so, gently move your finger from side to side pushing upward lightly.  While you will get a little mascara on your fingers, you can wash it off and it effectively will have separated the majority of your clumped lashes.  If you prefer not to use your finger, take a cotton swab and place the stick horizontally under the lashes, applying the same motion.

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